Skin has a lot to gain from the resilient subterranean systems that keep plant life grounded and fully loaded with water and nutrients. Infused into skincare, they can help with everything from moisture retention to brightening. And that’s just the tip of roots’ skin benefits.


At the root of healthy skin

  • Roots are masters of staying hydrated. Take a page out of their book and drink plenty of water every day to maintain a healthy glow.

  • Stress can play a major roll in skin health. When it's high, take a break to breathe in, breathe out, and stay grounded for a few minutes.
  • Thriving plants depend on healthy root systems. Glowing skin depends on healthy habits from skincare to diet.


Specific Beauty®

The radiance revival melanin-rich skin has been waiting for is here with exfoliation pads that encourage healthy cell turnover and brighten dullness for a more even skin tone.


Specific Beauty®

Specific Beauty is melanin-specific skincare for melanin-rich skin. Its proven formulas disrupt discoloration, increase hydration and clarify the complexion — and are all developed by a leading dermatologist in skin pigmentation.

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