Crepey Skin

When collagen and elastin break down, crepey skin starts up. Cue a pro-aging, head-to-toe skincare routine that can help smooth skin texture with ultra-hydrating and firming formulas that support natural collagen production.

Skincare tips for crepey skin

  • Use a retinol-based product to support natural collagen production and always follow up with a barrier-fortifying moisturizer.

  • Make head-to-toe skin hydration a daily habit with face and body lotions that help replenish, repair and protect.

  • A major cause of crepey skin? Sun damage. Avoid direct sunlight during peak hours when rays are strongest.


Crépe Erase®

Designed to lift the delicate skin on the neck and décolleté, this lightweight serum with firming TruFirm® Complex uses a roll-on applicator to massage the skin while the treatment absorbs.


Crépe Erase®

A body-first brand made for every kind of skin type, Crépe Erase's TruFirm® Complex with skin-smoothing apple, dill and sage extracts provides clinically proven treatments that deliver transformative results head-to-toe.