Melanin-rich skin produces higher levels of melanin, making it more prone to dark spots, discoloration and an ashy skin tone. In a beauty-verse as diverse as this one, isn’t it time melanin-rich skin had melanin-specific skincare? We think so.

What is melanin & why does it matter?

  • Melanin is the pigment that creates your skin’s unique shade of beauty. Some skin produces more than others.

  • Melanin-rich skin has amazing benefits — it’s stronger, more resilient and better at self-protecting against sun rays.

  • Excess melanin triggered by environmental stressors can lead to increased dark spots, scarring and uneven skin tone.


Specific Beauty®

Daily discoloration defense meets lightweight hydration in a moisturizer for everything your skin faces daily — pollution, blue light, UV rays and moisture loss. Thanks to infused irridesence it not only restores a more even skin tone but illuminates an instant golden hour glow.


Specific Beauty®

Specific Beauty is melanin-specific skincare for melanin-rich skin. Its proven formulas disrupt discoloration, increase hydration and clarify the complexion — and are all developed by a leading dermatologist in skin pigmentation.