Define "normal." The Goldilocks of skin types — not too dry, not too oily, just right (most of the time) — still experiences dry patches or oily T-zones, especially when seasons change. Cleanse. Scrub. Moisturize. Repeat. Healthy habits, happy skin.

What does “combo” mean anyway?

  • Combination skin can have a mix of dry patches and oily patches, typically in the T-zone.

  • If your skin struggles with both dry and oily patches, target your serums and masks to address each area of concern.

  • Even if your skin is “flawless,” it’s still up against UV rays and pollution. Treat it to the protective powers of antioxidants daily.


For Dry Patches

What's rich, creamy and softening all over? This peptide-powered cleanser, of course! More than just a face wash, it's step one to soft, nourished and hydrated skin.


For Oily T-Zones

Bring oily skin back into balance with a pore-clearing face wash that leaves skin as calm as it is clean. With salicylic acid, calming chamomile and refreshing aloe vera, it's formulated to clarify skin by reducing oil and unclogging pores.