Self-love isn’t just a nice idea for one of these days. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. When you love your skin with the vitamins, peptides and moisture it needs more of as time flies by, your skin will love you back in the form of smoothness, firmness and the wisened beauty only time can manifest.

Skincare tips for aging skin

  • Switch to rich textures like balms and oils high in fatty acids to help replenish and renew depleted skin.

  • Up your retinol frequency according to your skin’s needs and tolerance levels, but don’t overdo it.

  • Target elasticity loss with firming formulas packed with peptides and proteins that support natural collagen production.


Principal Secret® Reclaim®

Give your routine an extra-concentrated dose of skin-firming moxie with the Line Breaker serum ready to fight against age-accelerating free radicals. With 10% wrinkle-softening Argireline peptide and specially formulated Age Braker antioxidants, this serum is ready to take wrinkles and harsh polluters.


Principal Secret® Reclaim

Skinnovation at its clinically proven best, Principal Secret Reclaim addresses wrinkle formation from every angle — sun damage, moisture loss and daily facial expressions — with a proprietary peptide-meets-algae Argireline Molecular Complex.