Reaction-prone skin can lead to increased irritation and redness, making it feel frustratingly counterproductive to find a skincare routine. Who needs all that stress? Edit your skincare choices down to gentle formulas with soothing ingredients to keep your skin’s stress levels low and foster an environment where it’s safe to thrive.

Skincare tips for sensitive skin

  • Choose not just gentle, but calming cleansers like non-stripping creams that don't dry out or irritate skin.

  • Avoid toners (or any skincare formula, really) with alcohol, which is too stripping for delicate skin’s moisture barrier.

  • Although sunscreen is always a good idea, patch test them first to make sure they don’t trigger irritation.


Principal Secret® Advanced

This papaya enzyme mask is the scrub-free way to glow with a naturally occurring exfoliator similar to alpha-hydroxy acids that’s more gentle than traditional scrubs.


Principal Secret® Advanced

Normalize reaction-prone skin by giving it all the support it needs with gentle, multi-benefit formulas that address skin’s core needs and provide it with vital vitamins, youth-preserving antioxidants, bio-available nutrients and a surge of continuous moisture to restore balance and calm — and keep it that way.