Whether your skin is chronically dry or prone to seasonal dry spells, we all need a little moisture reboot from time to time to give flakey, itchy skin the boot. Load up on essential lipids and good ‘ole H2O to restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier to 100 percent.

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Hydrating routine for dry skin

  • Ditch the foaming cleanser and replace it with an oil-restoring cleanser or balm that doesn’t strip away moisture.

  • Amp up the antioxidants and go easy on the (skin) acids. Gentle exfoliation in small, infrequent doses is best for skin that skews dry.

  • Invest in a rich moisturizer that not only replenishes your skin but also helps keep moisture locked in day and night.



Principal Secret® Advanced

Meet the moisturizer that delivers like clockwork. With time-released Hydrospheres® that transport multivitamins, moisture and antioxidants continuously, it keeps your glow dewy day and night.



Grapeseed Oil

High in vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid (the stuff of ceramides and skin dreams), this natural wonder has earned the reputation as the "bounce-back" oil.