Oil Imbalance & Enlarged Pores

Every skin type gets thrown off its oil balance every now and then — especially if you live in a humid climate or smog-filled city. Bring skin’s oil production back to a clear, balanced center with pore-purifying exfoliators and gentle texture-refining formulas for every skin type.

Balancing routine for oily skin

  • Cleanse gently but avoid scrubbing, which can lead to micro-tears, irritation and more visibly enlarged pores.
  • Restoring balance to your skin' oil-production system doesn't mean removing all oils. It means choosing skin-compatible oils.
  • By all means, soak up that vitamin D. Just put on your sunscreen first and make sure to wash it off after to keep from clogging pores.


Principal Secret® Advanced

Like a chill pill for over-active pores, this mineral-rich mask with diatomaceous earth purifies without overdrying and conditions without causing stress for a softer feel and more refined pores.


Diatomaceous Earth

Thanks to its high clay-like porosity and fine pumice-like consistency, this natural detoxifier not only supports natural collagen production but also helps lift and tighten skin while gently exfoliating for a smoother finish. So what we're saying is: dirt is the new detox.