Redness & Irritation

Itchy? Patchy? Red and burning? No. Thank. You. Irritation is your skin's SOS alert that something is off. These soothing plant-based botanicals and science-perfected formulas can help calm upset skin and reduce redness. 

Calming routine for inflamed skin

  • Gentle cleansers rich in butters and oils get the job done without stripping or irritating skin.

  • Chilled creams and gels can provide irritated skin with cooling and soothing ahhhh-yes relief.

  • Moisturizers can do more than moisturize. Look for ones with soothing ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile or ginseng root.


Principal Secret® Reclaim®

What's rich, creamy and softening all over? This peptide-powered cleanser. More than just a face wash, this is step one to calmer skin and wrinkle freedom.


Red Marine Algae

Marine-sourced ingredients are having a major moment thanks to their nutrient-dense bio activity — think high in vitamins, fatty acids, peptides and proteins. And the cream of the oceanic crop? Red marine algae.