Crepe Erase

Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment

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Crepe Erase

Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment


This gentle daily exfoliator treats dry, crepey skin and preps the body for our Advanced Body Repair Treatment by removing dull, dry layers for a smoother, more radiant look.

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Crepey Skin, Dry/Ultra Dry, Pro-Aging


Hot & Dry, Cold & Dry, Cold & Humid

Use it with

Advanced Body Repair Treatment

Crepe Erase

Advanced Body Repair Treatment


Daily exfoliation is essential in reducing the look of dry, crepey skin on the body. Crépe Erase's Advanced Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment was developed to specifically tackle these areas. Proven to improve the texture, tone, and elasticity of age-giveaway zones, this innovative formula works as your first step in our complete Advanced Body Treatment System. Designed for daily use, it features our exclusive TruFirm® Complex and a blend of gentle exfoliators (AHA/BHAs) that remove dull surface layers and uncover smoother, softer skin from the neck down. In a clinical study, subjects experienced a 24% increase in hydration when using Advanced Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment in conjunction with Advanced Body Repair Treatment daily.

How to use

Apply Advanced Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment once a day in the shower where crépiness is present. Massage in gentle, circular motions to help remove dead skin cells. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Key Ingredients

  • TruFirm® Complex - This breakthrough blend of essential phytonutrients works together to help protect the skin's essential structure. In other words, it works to target the side effects of aging and UV damage.
  • Our powerful blend of naturally derived extracts - dill, apple, and sage - helps support natural elastin production and structural resilience for visibly firmer, smoother, healthier skin you can see and feel.
  • Exfoliators (Nature scrub H50): Derived from hydrogenated castor oil, this super-fine alternative to microplastic beads acts as a gentle yet effective exfoliator and melts into your skin as you massage in circular motions. It's an emollient, which means it stops essential moisture loss from over-exfoliation, keeping even the most sensitive skin smooth and hydrated.
  • Glycerin - A master at hydration, this water-binding humectant locks in moisture, quenching dry, parched skin and filling out fine lines and wrinkles for a visibly smoother, naturally balanced texture.




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