Crepe Erase

Hydrating Body Toning Mist

SKU: CS.0279

Crepe Erase

Hydrating Body Toning Mist


Formulated with water-binding Trehalose and our exclusive TruFirm® Complex, this light mist is a perfect layering hydrator to help keep skin toned and refreshed.


Crepey Skin, Dry/Ultra Dry, Pro-Aging


Hot & Humid, Hot & Dry, Cold & Dry

Use it with

Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment

Crepe Erase

Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment


Exfoliate. Mist. Treat. This hydrating body mist was made for layering with our iconic 2-Step Advanced Body Treatment System. Used as part of your daily body care routine to reduce the look of dry, crepey skin, it perfectly prepares skin for another dose of TruFirm® as well as retaining the powerful benefits of those 9 Super Hydrators. After exfoliating, mist over the entire body, or where you see dry, crepey skin. Follow with Advanced Body Repair Treatment to boost results faster.

How to use

Apply Hydrating Body Toning Mist over the entire body. Boost your anti-aging routine by following with Advanced Body Repair Treatment. Use daily to hydrate lightly, tone, and refresh skin.

Key Ingredients

  • TruFirm® Complex - This breakthrough blend of essential phytonutrients works together to help protect the skin's essential structure. In other words, it works to target the side effects of aging and UV damage.
  • Our powerful blend of naturally derived extracts - dill, apple, and sage - helps support natural elastin production and structural resilience for visibly firmer, smoother, healthier skin you can see and feel.
  • Squalane - Protects skin & reduces the sign of aging.




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