Principal Secret Reclaim

Argireline® Skincare Essentials Kit

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Principal Secret Reclaim

Argireline® Skincare Essentials Kit

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This luxurious kit works together as a multi-active system to help reveal youthful radiance and vitality, both instantly and continuously over time.

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This RECLAIM® curated kit contains the Total Facial Cleanser, Revolutionary Anti-Aging Day Cream SPF15, Revolutionary Anti-Aging Night Cream, Age Braker Line Breaker Serum, Age Braker EyeFirmation Eye Serum, and Enzyme Mask & Peel for your complete day & night skincare regimen.

The RECLAIM® line addresses the four primary causes of wrinkles: aging, sun damage, moisture loss, and repeated facial expression.

  • RECLAIM® visually reduces the signs of aging.
  • Helps reverse the effects of sun damage to keep skin healthy and attractive.
  • Provides a surge of moisture supported by the science of our HydraMoisture Technology.
  • Contains our exclusive Argireline® complex, which helps smooth away the look of wrinkles.
  • Dermatologist tested.

How to use

3 Steps to beautiful, younger-looking skin with RECLAIM®:

Step 1: Total Facial Cleanser This luxurious, concentrated, deep-cleaning formula removes dirt and impurities and contains a built-in toner as well as our exclusive Argireline® Molecular Complex. Great preparation for the rest of our RECLAIM® products.

Step 2: Age Braker EyeFirmation Eye Serum Apply the RECLAIM® Age Braker® EyeFirmation® Eye Serum. A powerful yet gentle multi-faceted defense that delivers immediate and long-lasting results by helping to visibly define, contour, and re-firm the delicate skin around the eyes, while softening the look of dark circles.

Step 3: Revolutionary Anti-Aging Day Cream & Revolutionary Anti-aging Night Cream The perfect way to hydrate your skin day and night while helping to decrease the appearance of facial lines.

Benefit Boosters:

Age Braker Line Breaker Serum: Use any time of day after cleansing to help re-firm and refine the look of facial skin and improve elasticity.

Age Braker Enzyme Mask & Peel: To deep clean skin by stripping away layers of dull, dead skin cells to uncover fresh, younger-looking skin.

Key Ingredients

  • HydraMoisture Technology® works like a tiny shower, delivering hydration to the layers of your skin... slowly, over a period of hours.
  • Argireline® Molecular Complex helps to stimulate your skin's natural renewal process. This effective, pro-aging complex includes:
    • Argireline®, a visible line diminisher.
    • APT-GC, a naturally derived exfoliator, helps keep skin toned and functioning at peak performance, without irritation.




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