Power Whitening Gel 3-Piece

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Power Whitening Gel 3-Piece


Our Power Whitening Gel with Polyclean® technology boosts stain removal, and the ultra-fine texture foam delivers active whitening ingredients into teeth's grooves and crannies. Mix with any toothpaste and get to brushing for results you can see within 30 days.

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6 Shades

Clinically shown to whiten teeth an average of six shades in 30-days.

97% of Users

Saw whiter teeth within 30-days.


Easy, convenient, and essential for great dental hygiene, the Smileactives Power Whitening Gel works with your favorite toothpaste to deliver vibrant whitening. Get a whitening experience without a trip to the dentist or the professional cost associated. The gel has been clinically shown to whiten teeth an average of 6 shades in 30 days (when referencing shade guides commonly used by dentists) and preliminary results of a brighter & whiter smile can be seen in as little as 7 days.

This is not your average whitening toothpaste. This gel uses hydrogen peroxide as opposed to carbamide peroxide used in other at-home teeth whitening products. The gel features Polyclean technology, which boosts stain removal from several causes (coffee, wine, everyday wear & tear, etc.), and generates an ultra-fine texture foam that is designed to whiten the whole tooth, not just the front, by carrying the active whitening ingredient to all the grooves and crannies.

Includes: Three Power Whitening Gels - 1 oz. each

How to use

  • Dispense equal parts toothpaste and Power Whitening Gel onto toothbrush. We recommend one pump of gel every time you brush. Tip: You may need to pump several times with the first use to dispense gel.
  • Brush teeth for 2 minutes, starting with the front surfaces. Tip: Don't forget to brush teeth's back surfaces where plaque, tartar and stains can hide.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Use twice daily, every day.

Key Ingredients

Polyclean technology generates an ultra-fine foam that carries the active whitening ingredient to all the nooks and crannies for whole teeth whitening instead of front surface whitening experienced when using strips. Perfect for a 360° photo-ready smile!




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